A curiosity of confusion

Am I too old to see the wonder?

Challenge the definition of when the world shakes its fist at me.

Flying metaphorically with the breeze pulling my hair back behind me. 

In distress shaking as I shiver half dressed in the morning dew. 

 I lay beneath the grass and roll as if I am a dog or animal wanting to be a part of it all.

Corporations have torn me from my means of realisitc survival and placed me in a house with things

Strived for worked for demeaned for

I am degrading myself for comfort, luxuries, a building to sleep in

Never having thought of the stars as once the dome I’d rest under.

Pulling myself up I remember my four legged friends their sweet faces and smiles. 

Giving up freedom for others, pets I love, people I love. 

A man who also works so we can be secure

We strengthen each other even in times of defeat

I take the car keys in my hand, grab my bag on the deck, and remember.

It is all worth it

yet somehow I still struggle to accept this

Not to just get in my car and go.

I”m held back by these responsibilities

And love

When so many say Love should never hold you back.


Angela K. Crandall



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