Are you shell-shocked?

Shining brightly amongst the ashes

Grass growing slowly uplifting the concrete

Bursting to be free from the confinement of earth

Listening for words sung on the outside

As a small girl skips rope

Hope  afloat in her tiny heart

A smile spread across her face til she lands on the pavement 

Tears exploding rushing down her checks

Picks up her rope

Then pulls me out of the ground up near her mouth

Blowing me out into the world

Making a wish

She Tosses my stem aside

I’ve died, but I’m still alive

To be re-born again

Many Magnificant fields shall I cover

with dreams inflicting idea’s of destiny for others

Pursued due to one wish

A single sweep

And again I grow beneath


Angela K. Crandall

© 6/20/15

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