Splendor Pending

I’d like to believe I say the right things

An unsorted life

Mixed twisted



Motivate me

Magnificent waves


Storms gathering

Enthusiasm rocks the boat we ride in

Careful not to tip!

Can you float without the mask?

A device of safety holds you

Do you go on guts alone?

Deeper into the vacuum


Is something there?

Bigger, deeper, and more structurally sound

Then the past you let slide, slither, Fall away

Rock fault will it bury you?


I’m in my boat and it has been discarded

Later when I reach the shore

My vessel will be stored

Stars will shine

The moon I’ll follow

Brighter and lighter


Daylight hits my face

Flowers surround the fields once gray

Earth, land, universe


When I had retreated

Launching the fire thrown

Rowing away into the eve

Captured by the blast of desire

Precipitation fell from the sky

Drizzled dully a haze


Cowering against the unspoken

Driven away

Precedent whom they were

Pressed, folded, consumed



Selecting storms to carry me


I arrive at the dusty shore

In brilliance

Radiating optimism

Hope, splendor, adoring anew perception

Which guided me here.


Angela K. Crandall

© 6/5/15


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