A striking shift

I’m just living

Attempting to flee the madness

Created by those before me

Under me

Below me


Yet I end up following

In the distance

A shadow behind me

A head a path

Treading through branches, bramble, and

Scattered leaves

Wind blowing I pull my coat closer to me

On and on I go

Each step forward

Repeating the motions


Carrying on

 The song I want to displace

There is more then just moving forward

Replacing the dread with reasons

Changing the wheels rotation

Revealing your truth to the world

Reminding others they do make a difference

Without always having to comply with



Social outcasts

Stand strong together

Binding hope

Sending it

Sharing it

Experience this with us

Or just stand back

And continue to


As if

Nothing ever happened

To make you want to

Reconstruct the definemeant

Tying us to coins, nickels, dimes

Comparing us to cash

Instead of seeing our worth


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/29/15


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