My heart belongs to those easily hurt

Disillusioned by doubt

Dragged down by drama

Unnecessary unkindness

And the lack of compassions

Things seen


Do not jive

In my handbook of life

I’ve written my own

Go ahead compare me to a poem

Others, famous artists


Yearning to be heard

Seen yet unseen

In the darkness those once invisible will


In the mist

Haunting you

Those who choose to ignore us

Desert us

Exploit us

Justice will be served

When, Where and how is not exactly known

It will happen


When it does

I desire to be among those

The ones called insane

Living on broken dreams

They tell us do not exist

My eyes remain open

As if I am less because they are

Fighting my way out

With the one weapon worth using

Words and Knowledge


Angela K. Crandall

© 4/7/15

Inspired by my friend Lucy Lynn

(When you’re true to yourself you tend to lose people. That’s life.)


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