Many Mother’s manage numerous tasks

Not once stopping to consider all they do

Cook, clean, pick up, teach, love, look after

Guiding us each day

Every step

Until you grow

Glance back

Realizing all she did for you

Sacrificed, gave, loved and cherished every second with you

Til she let you go

Into the world

On your own

Hoping you’d come back to visit

Alone, with a lover, or children of your own

She’ll forever be your protector

No matter your life choices

If she loves unconditionally

Love is everlasting

Her spirit until the end of time

Linked, bonded, joined

By the life, she gave you

And you have given her

In the joys

Of your successes

Tears of failures

An understanding compassion held for one another

A child to mother

No matter how old you grow, far you go, as long as you live

And when she’s scattered to the wind

Among all things

She’ll watch over you

Tending to you as she did before

Without end


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/9/15

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