For yourself be true

“If you want to be a writer then be a writer. Let no one define who you are just because you need a day job to support yourself. Be good to yourself, stay positive, and even if you never become famous you can say that you never gave up. Yes, I know you think it isn’t much, but you were always true to yourself. That’s more than most people are, and most folks give up. I know because I’ve given up before.”Angela K. Crandall, Author

A striking shift

I’m just living

Attempting to flee the madness

Created by those before me

Under me

Below me


Yet I end up following

In the distance

A shadow behind me

A head a path

Treading through branches, bramble, and

Scattered leaves

Wind blowing I pull my coat closer to me

On and on I go

Each step forward

Repeating the motions


Carrying on

 The song I want to displace

There is more then just moving forward

Replacing the dread with reasons

Changing the wheels rotation

Revealing your truth to the world

Reminding others they do make a difference

Without always having to comply with



Social outcasts

Stand strong together

Binding hope

Sending it

Sharing it

Experience this with us

Or just stand back

And continue to


As if

Nothing ever happened

To make you want to

Reconstruct the definemeant

Tying us to coins, nickels, dimes

Comparing us to cash

Instead of seeing our worth


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/29/15

Nightly Wisdom

“Wishing the world of night would remain, continue, and repeat.

Yes, tomorrow’s can be nice, polite, and momentarily wonderful.

Yet I seek the solitude of the evening that others say has no meaning.

In it for me lies freedom. No random repeats, but beginnings leak rain from clouds smashed by lightning.

In a reprimanding to repair themselves, we rebuild lives we no longer felt possible. Does that redeem those who have torn us apart?”


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/29/15

/Luminary Lessons

Darkest dreamers develop fears

Overcasting, subsiding,

Sidestepping glances

Pushing them

Away from whom they were

Who they have been and who they are now

Finally plunging


A slow progressive act

Nothing new

Realizing self-acceptance

Isn’t painless

In the world

where we wish to be

Received for who we are, what we do,

And what we love



Angela K. Crandall


Sub Zero or sub hero?

Everything I’m fighting for seems

So far away

The letters on the page

Hold significance

Work is written not in hours,

 In weeks,

Months planned awaiting something further

Then this

To be someone of importance

Not just a day job

Why did I struggle to go to college?

What did it pay for?

Only to make me question everything

Whilst I ponder those who accept it

Melt into it

Join it

As I pursue pushing it

They yield

claiming, I am compelled by madness

In my need to rise above the selected

Societal ladder made to climb, push, break,

To bend it til you crash!

I’m the mad women

The one they warn you of

Who needs beyond belief?

Whose words are seen or unseen?

As you shove them aside

I let them guide me 

 A river

Leading to my fate

A sharp rock in the water

Sitting patiently to be polished

Not just waiting either

Taking created goals

Maintaining them in spite of obstacles,

Setbacks, the life that gets in the way.

Even as I wonder if the drive will

Ever matter

Knowing that I must make it

Even if you manipulate me to believe

I’ll only fall

Now and forever

If my destiny is failure

I’m not allowed to give in

To demolish my faith

That it’s worth it.

Something I cannot see won’t let me.

Nothing seen

Like guilt in my gut

It lingers

Stretching through seconds

Clicking away

Each day



Angela K. Crandall


War Aftermath

I give thanks for those who

Fought for me

Even though I don’t agree

I wish war didn’t exist

But I must admit

How else can we protect each other?

Sisters and brothers

From the hurt and pain

What culture is right?

Which one is wrong?

What have we known from all along?

If only love could truly save us

Then others would see it to

And no longer would we have to see

red blood dripping from

The Red White and Blue

Must the Stars fall one by one?

Till there are no soldiers standing

No-one on either side remaining

Til we disappear

Fighting to the death

For what we each have left

Only for nothing to remain.


Angela K. Crandall


Dismantle, Tear down, Devastate…

Destroying dreams doesn’t make you strong

Or your song sound any brighter

In the darkness of my tears

Sitting in the sandy grass

While you mash up my letters

That contemplated our time together

Massive amounts

Insignificant now

By the way you rip up

A Treasure chest

Now spread open

Thrown on the lawn

Littering the world


Now battered



To their death

Pieces scatter as I do

Far away

Unable to fathom

Where you went…


Angela K. Crandall


Starting over

My life is flying and I’m reaching for the stars

My hands don’t want to stretch that far

I’m almost there

Now I’m on the ground

eating dirt

until I pull myself up brushing it off

Instead trekking up to the open door I never saw before

into the day I didn’t know existed

until I let it.


Angela K. Crandall

© 5/18/15


My heart belongs to those easily hurt

Disillusioned by doubt

Dragged down by drama

Unnecessary unkindness

And the lack of compassions

Things seen


Do not jive

In my handbook of life

I’ve written my own

Go ahead compare me to a poem

Others, famous artists


Yearning to be heard

Seen yet unseen

In the darkness those once invisible will


In the mist

Haunting you

Those who choose to ignore us

Desert us

Exploit us

Justice will be served

When, Where and how is not exactly known

It will happen


When it does

I desire to be among those

The ones called insane

Living on broken dreams

They tell us do not exist

My eyes remain open

As if I am less because they are

Fighting my way out

With the one weapon worth using

Words and Knowledge


Angela K. Crandall

© 4/7/15

Inspired by my friend Lucy Lynn

(When you’re true to yourself you tend to lose people. That’s life.)