Perchance choices and Changes…

Chances Choices Changes

Conjugate in a jar

waiting for you to take action

Pick from the array of rainbow colored papers

I choose reaching deep into the jar

A friend handed it to me

she said pick a word

a phrase

I remember this in high school

Not sure why

It was like a mantra

a reason

The word represented something

personal to you

perhaps it was random

like passing by an accident

but then again you ponder

It could have been me if I hadn’t stopped for that coffee

Is life really choices we pick from a jar

Are they sitting waiting for us to grab them

Is our mind aware of it?

The jar, it is your mind

during high school it wasn’t 

it was in a plastic lunch bag


did you go to class or not?

Choices are everywhere

Changes surround us as we walk down a street we’ve walked down before thousands of times

Chances are sought, or seeker

present yourself with the capability to potentially be resourceful

with all three

Chance, choice, and change

Pick not at random

choose what fits

Occasionally adapt

Then lift up your arms as if you were a butterfly

ready to leave the cocoon.


Angela K. Crandall

c. 4/27/15


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