Standing by/You gave&give me strength

I woke up hurting recalling what they did to you.

The ridicule, the lies

for me you erased the pain each note eased it

Songs helped me through it comparable to a book with life instructions.

They wanted to shatter what they called my illusions

A warmth that lingers 

A sun they claimed was only out to shine for themselves

not for the misunderstood.

No I won’t open my ears for you.

Nor, Let them take away anew strength found

they call false.

Thinking you would leave…

Never really thought 

but you didn’t

A pillar of stamina, persistence

They say you use your money for power

Me, my answer

You stand for social change, pushing buttons, minds urging them to see equality

among our diversity

These folks see your stash of cash


I see your heart

They think my emotions lie to me.

I’m just unstable they mumble to themselves passing me by…

No one else helped me smile through the years struggled

Adolescence, young adult, then adulthood happened

An icon who never told anyone they were unwanted

So I followed, and continue

I’ve been betrayed before here ‘ll stay

even if they make me pay.

Money is meaningless

Hero’s are priceless

Love goes beyond dollar bills

I take this her, a memory, the gift of song

Who she has helped me become

Don’t you agree

and yes

She does give to charity…


Angela K. Crandall


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