You taught me…

Shutting down the engines, Protection mode on

Get rid of emotional hazards ripping through your core

Take away the presence of disaster

Discontinue connections

Set yourself in mortar

Shut down your

Dreams, songs ideals

That is what they want

Why don’t I stop?

What leads to me into this ongoing disparity?

A belief that it matters

That each thing I touch

It doesn’t die

Its new life while mine

Slowly moves electricity inside me

You taught me they cannot touch that

Each word, letter, part of me matters

Still I yearn to shut down

Close up, End

Something out there won’t let me

You told me not to halt

Continue continue

Here it comes, the need for appreciation

Rejection never left us

Somehow we carry on

In spite of feeling the need to turn our hearts off

To shut down

Two women worlds apart



Angela K. Crandall

Dedicated to Madonna


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