Never There

I won’t renovate myself

For you’re convince

As you try to intervene

Slice, dice, and re-stitch

 Who I am

You’re Sweetness pours over me

Like rain, but its cold

Hardened unable to part from

Narrow views

Held near creating

Fear, Alive, Driven

Motivated by limited time

My Opinions slip out

Phase’s parts of me displaced


Memories, idea’s,

Things littered about my room

Old manuscripts

Left incomplete

Piled up

Unfinished among the ruble, trash,

Photos that once held


You awaken


Fall asleep

Remaining are unfinished aspects

Lose ends never tied up

Only reviewed

Searched through

Then forgotten or lost

Despite the fact that it all kept playing out

Around you


But you never spoke

Spurting out of clouds onto pavement

Filling in the cracks

The void

Never there


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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