If my heart beats for you./Lover or friend…

If my heart beats for you

You’re damn lucky

Burns and rancid scares

 Buried deep

Wounds of torture

Bleed on occasions

Seeping from my eyes

Falling into my hands

Those once loved

They did betray me

Sent me swimming in a pool of my own demise

Made me doubt


Sinking into quick sand

Barely breathing

But the murk

It did not drowned me

Nor did I swallow

Fighting the current

Deflecting back

Reflections of light

Sitting in the sun

As they grew

Further and further away

I walked again

On the sand

In the moonlight

Letting the waves wash over my feet

Moving towards the water

Letting it lick my feet

Cleaning the mud off of my body

Arising to my own


No longer pulled down

By their conscious

Replacing it with mine

Drinking the wine

Without the dread of sin

Seeking shelter among those

Defining their life

In broader aspects

Balancing my heart in my hand

Not yet ready to give it again

Not sure if I ever want a close friend

Unless they say


Empathy is within me

Take my hand

I’ll listen



The other side of you in me


Angela K. Crandall, Author


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