Dedicated to Madonna

Once I “Opened my heart.”

“Bedtime stories” filled my head

In my dreams “Like a Prayer.”

I know I’ll always find you there

I will always “Cherish” you

You’ve given me the strength to grow

As the “Rain” falls on my head

I am “Living for Love” with nothing to dread

An “Unapologetic Bitch” you taught her moves

This “Bad girl” likes to believe she knows 

You are my “Lucky Star.”

In times of great defeat

“Music”, helped me “Live to Tell.”

An “Angel” said just be yourself

“A Ray of Light” shining down on me

“Everybody” dancing to the beat

“MDNA” runs through me

I’ll never be the same

This “Rebel Heart.”

Is “Into the Grove”

I never knew, you see

That a

Pop icon would

“Rescue me.”


Angela K. Crandall, Author

(All lyrics quoted are taken from Madonna’s albums (songs.)

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