I close my eyes

Will you close yours?

Be there in disguise

Deny their lies

Their shallow gloats

Strong is all I ever had to be

I ask you to lean into me

Let it all go

Hold on

Bold, confident and secure

Take my strength

Before it’s too late



Enchanted by ghosts

Haunted by reflections of history

That led to my sympathy



The ignorance lost

You now need to recognize


Control is in your hands

Stand up


Don’t repeat

Surrender/Tied up

Break free

Instigate relief

For yourself and others

Conflict is not drama

Divergence exists everywhere.

Angela K. Crandall, Author






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“How do you wake up from a dream that was prescribed for you?

Take in the entire actress within you

Assuming the role, breathe in the life force

Of another and enter her

Because that is what I have done in the years

Claimed in the passing of time

Taking on burdens

Like pills prescribed

Each day is passing by

Filling in my holes hoping to live

Without regret even though I do this

Do that

Eating, drinking, believing that one day

All of it will add up

To something

To greatness, instead of what I see before me

So I keep breathing, living, trying to be content

With what is put before me, at the same time fighting for

The ability to move forward

To find worth

Without simplicity

To be admired inspired,

A poet, a writer who is known

Will I remain? Will this notion of want pass?

Right now, I can’t let it go.

This dream is not part of the prescription staged.

It is me who’ve I’ve made.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

Bleeding Rainbows

I am in a dream
waiting for the dreamer to wake up
to realize all, they have touched
in a non-physical way
spiritually they fly
without having to have a reason
a specific goal
just to be
free from adversity
conflicts others cause
She no longer separates
the colors
letting them bleed into a blob
painting pictures without plans
writing stories with no demands
but those she places on herself
Unity holds her
she keeps others at bay
this is what is seperate, in her life
toxic mold
That she once let define her now

A lifted fog now absent
She still struggles to smile
acquaintances fill her life
She meets, greets, making her way
through another day
Learning if she can trust again
Curious if someday she’ll meet a
best friend
One who dreams, and lets the colors bleed
So we can all be one


Angela K. Crandall, Author

An Imagination Dreaming

It’s a drug

 To break away

Letting my mind drift

Into bliss

My eye lids flutter

I want them to close

You gaze at me

As if I’m dead

Birds sing, the world moves on but in this time I am gone, I am gone.

All the games the world plays

Turning in circles of a hazy maze

Vivid and remote

No I cannot participate

I need to push pause

I should reject your foolish mess

Birds sing the sun goes down so do I

Into my lie

The world moves on but in this time I am gone

Into the stars

Deep in my dream

I do what I must not feel blue

When my eyes are opened

Rock the vote

Hang on to hope

While the world turns uncaring

I go on spinning, processing, and completing

Story lines

Tumbling tears released upon every word

Actions of hate

Promises of no escape

All of it a separation

An aggravation

Limiting our expectations

I hit my exit button and you call me crazy

Turning words around

Worlds around

Like a nightmare exposed

Until we stop


Look around us

Allow Love in

Surround us

Let each live

Choice and consequence

No longer would I close my eyes to be free

No longer would we need

Still it goes on

You say I’m Undone

You’re the only one

Then let it be

At least I am free

Inside of me…


Angela K. Crandall, Author



“You reach out, stretch, and pull trying to bring in those people who’ll somehow some way understand that there is a reason significance exists for each one of us. The question is when and where will the reason make itself present in our lives or will it be forever hidden from our view?”-Angela K. Crandall, Author

Fiction Transforms Reality

Step into the daydream


Don’t be afraid of the promenade

A tap dance of life

A beat


Keep going

Each step a first

Every time you fall

All scars you gain

Are replaced

Reaping benefits

It’s all for the goal

Reality brings you further

Into the light

Just do

What you

Think is right

No fear or Anguish


Hold on confident


Then you’ll see all that is before thee.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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A Dreamers Touch

Are you searching in your dreams?

For someone serene




Do you want to save them?

Or do they save you?

Were you once lovers,

Now under a spell

Is there a place you once dwelled?

A time of light or was it dark?

Under the Oak tree I ponder

I lay my book down in my lap

Gazing at the bright orange moon

My hands in the dead grass below me

I arch my back to stretch

Lifting my limbs far above my head

I yawn

I’m going to drift off


A place unseen

I’ll be looking for you

Once awakened, it is unlikely that I’ll be followed


I’ll keep looking

For a shadow

That keeps itself close

Grasping to touch

In an instant felt

I’ll know

You made it.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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A Dreamers Wish

Into the dark red velvet I crawl

The black soft sheets caress me

Hug me

Warm me from the ice frost


A land of winter

I’ve escaped

Now laying my head down on a plush pillow

That pulls me deep into my own cocoon

I abandon normality

Let go of reality

The stars fall




Into my hands




There are so many varying lights aglow

I toss them back

They flutter away


Dancing above my head

I curl up

Someone pulls my blankets around me

A tug


Is it love?

Fear is useless

A gentle hand touches my face

Fairies, sprites, spirits

Swiftly urge me to rest

Relax, restore-youth

I begin to drift



As if

A child


 Laying in its mother’s arms

I’m guided

On a tour

In a land

Only my mind is aware of

Dust settles over my eyes

Lulled to sleep






Angela K. Crandall, author