I’ve always been ready

Why am I sitting here waiting?


Over thinking

Taking on the frustration of a parallel universe

We each walk in our own truth

Full of shame

They play the blame game

Pointing fingers

Shooting guns

Flashing their political styles

Instead of focus

On completing the ability to end

Poverty, needless homelessness

The inability to wage wars peacefully

On those waging them on us

When will the anger be placed?

United with solutions


That holds the power

To define honest humanity

If it shows up

We’ll all be free

From the ties



As they say to each are own.

This gamble, Does it cause harm?

I think we should be able to lie

In anyone’s arms

If love is the answer

Why are we causing harm?

Judgment lays with the master

But we use things to critic anyway

Playing sides like piano notes

A dual tell the end

No one wins.

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