Turning in Circles (Originally written for Madonna’s” Revolution of Love)

I miss hope sometimes

 I wonder where she is, if she has been lost, mislead, or is sleeping in her bed.

 I grabbed her once, hugged her kept her close, and then I lost her.

Hope in those who could love in spite of differences, see empathy in my eyes while we all accepted that they loved and held hands instead of defiling them with laws and rules you live by, and see we all have our own laws, beliefs ways so why can’t we just show love.

 I keep waiting while others use who they are to belittle each other. It makes me cry myself to sleep at night often I have felt betrayed.

 How can peace be made with no understanding compromise or love?

 I have seen this from few people It’s why my dog is my best friend he is more tolerant than most people and Madonna who’s given me hope like the metaphor I also use to show my confidence.

 I only want others to see love, to see equality does not hurt them, or lessen their beliefs so why must they keep on punishing others because we are all one, and if we are ONE are we not in this together? Who is truly free if we all lived in one way, and not in many, in diverseness, but in that division we also must find acceptance, or are we all just monsters fighting for our own way.


 Angela K. Crandall

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