Battle Scars



complete me

Do not release me

grasp me

hold me

bring me near

make this last

eternities beyond light years

for our lives flash by

We leave imprints like meteors

Don’t let it slide 

fly away to soon

your not yet done

my butterfly

you have pages yet to color

grey spots to fill with gold

growing bolder each day

Don’t let the lies erode you

destroy you

maim you

Let me complete you, teach you, love you,

and you

Can just be you

Because unconditional love

allows growth



along with pain


earn your colors

like a warrior

we all have battle scars.


Angela K. Crandall

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progressive acts

I feel my river pushing me

leading me onward

Sunshine warming my back

I paddle my canoe

swing my oar

singing of hope

Glory inside my heart

soaring I fly

life fills me penetrating my core

no worries


troubles or questions about where I’ll end up

I let the current take me into it’s arms

a lover I give my own self to

personally devoted to the path

a power above me

I ignore that below me

It has yet to frighten me

gliding on hope, I’ve always hung on

failures, fall outs, broken shards

scraped me, cut me, deep gashes

I bleed out only to gain consciousness

proving to me my path is incomplete

if it were

I’d be gone


perhaps an angel

not that I am righteous

just a spirit


needing to make a difference

on earth

maybe in heaven

or purgatory if I’m put there.






instead of folding

dynamic reformist revolutionary

guiding and being guided

many forces that push and pull me to exist

I take all of you in with me

spirits, nature, warmth, kindness and good

those most misunderstood

I seek thee.

Treasure, and bow each to you as you to me.

We matter.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Thank you

For all of your kind words

Wisdom shared



Stories and Poetry

May your day be filled with Joy

A celebration of life


As well as 

New beginnings

Now and always

 Creeping into

A new year

Reaching for 


Attempting to grab a star

That either leads to adventure or complete chaos.


Angela K. Crandall

Without Fear

Letting them win is like abandoning yourself

Letting them grasp in their hands what was

Once yours

Their glorious faces light up like the morning sun

Rising while you fall to your knees

Anguish pain


Years falling to the earth

While you wait to grow again

Lift yourself up from the pain

Back to your feet

Letting the rain replenish the lost

Wipe away what was done

See the earth as firm ground

Instead of a grave

Not one that holds you down

But helps you up

Breath on breath

Once you find him or her

Your place

Not pride






In the depths of great sorrow

You stand

Without fear


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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Holiday Wishes

Dreams flourish, erupt, and grow

Like snowflakes flying through cold winter air

A touch on your cheek, one falls on your hand

Separate, unique, different

Bringing delight, wonders, and enchantment

To an ordinary day

Snowmen and forts fill the streets

Sweet treats are brought out to eat

Lights go up when the sun goes down

Music plays inside the town

Then there is no sound at all

Not a peep

Wishes fill the midnight sky

Hope and fear collide


Humanity remains somewhere in the divide.

Happy Holidays to One and All

No matter how you celebrate

Remember, love is what overcomes



Angela K. Crandall

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You wake up one morning to decide things will be different

 The sun goes to bed in the morning

And the moon takes its place

But there is still light

It’s just a diverse kind of radiance

That drives you forth.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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I should be used to the silence

Sitting in the middle of the stream

Passing me by

Waves ripple over my body

Where is my soul?

Is it night or day? I wonder…

I only see darkness

Do emotions even matter anymore?

Why can I not be outraged by your inability to see perspectives?

That blood is blood, we bleed

That no matter who we love

Love isn’t violence

Until you create cruelty

By saying one cannot Love

That you choose what is right and wrong

Not the one who is given freewill

Compassion I don’t see it on your faces

Yet you claim it

Like a savior would

Prideful that your religion is right

Over all Perspectives Vary

Creating beauty

If you allow them

As you want your own allowance




Nullifying rejection


And I want to complete you

By helping you see

All varieties

But you hold up one book

And say

This is the only truth…




Freewill means allowance

Where is yours?


Angela K. Crandall, Author