The rain fell 

bursting explosions from the sky

like bombs hitting

large drops falling, dripping, gushing

as if a hose was held from heaven

pouring out all the woes and worries of the world

back into the earth

forming rebirth from the tears collected


into new life

flowers of beauty, trees of great strength

that came from such emotions of weakness


shining a light

from tears wept.


Angela K. Crandall

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A Wolf's Tale

I have set up a Patreon for my stories, so that I could fund my medical bills.


The serial I will be posting will be chapters from Dragon Physician, a YA fantasy about racing dragons.

Current story chapters: 7.

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Today’s quotes Maxed out…

This is me, all in day, writing, being, beliveing in  me wondering if the rest of the world would stand up instead of lying down to fight instead of being beaten. What is this, is it really our world or are we just living in it as it is not trying to press forward to make change are we merely existing just to exist or to better ourselves and others?-Angela K. Crandall, Author

“I’ve been bitter, it isn’t easy letting it go, adding in the sugar, trying to see the light when the dark has invaded your soul. I took that pitch black cavern and am using it to my advantage. We all have our bad days, but I am working on creating worlds, places, exploring dreams, while I still can.”-Angela K. Crandall, Author

“Not giving up is much more difficult then saying I quit.”-Angela-ism, Angela K. Crandall, Author

“Too many people tend to dismiss others easily. I’ll go through hell and back with you and when I get to the point I can no longer stand beside you. I’ll stand alone. That’s how I roll.”-Angela-ism-Angela K. Crandall, Author

“I pay the price for being myself, yet I don’t regret it. What you should regret is expecting me to be anything else, or ignoring the things you don’t like about someone instead of embracing their whole because they are who they are if you like it or not. I’ve made that mistake myself and when I finally realized I could no longer live with it I left. It wasn’t for them, it was for me, my own sanity. Here I sit, me, happy with myself, yet at times alone with my words, my writing, my books because I’ve accepted myself. Is that so wrong? I have to tell myself no because people make me doubt myself every day.”-Angela K. Crandall, Author

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, huh? I’d think that at times it might just dig a hole where your heart was.”-Angela-ism-Angela K. Crandall, Author

feeling Thinking.

“I think a lot, does that make me evil, or was I born that way?”-Angela Crandall (Yeah, facebook doesn’t like me tagging myself unless I am an author. Hmm, does that mean I am an author for real?

Poetry-The ARTISTS-(originally published on my personal FB page.)

Poetry-The ARTISTS-

“People think if they ignore you

it will make your dreams go away.

Your art






 That is not how I play, or pay.

It’s inside me

it will come out

even if I have to shout

 when no one listens

it is there 

so go a head

 be scard

hide away

do what you must, but I will not bust.

I am just me,

I am who I am

frankly I don’t give a damn

Those I reach they have a clue

touched without physicality

They understand


get all of what I am. 

Not many 





what I do.”



Angela K. Crandall, Author

Angry Girl

I have a kind heart

just don’t rip it apart

That’s when the war will start

it won’t look like art

swirls of emotions

pits spit from cherries

words used like swords

causing emotions

eruptions of violent confrontations

I can be an angry girl.


Angela K. Crandall, Author

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In wonderment…

“My heart and mind like to play tricks on me, like a peak a boo, a sort of wonderment, moments, deceptions that make me question who I am only to sit back and take in what I’ve seen, replay it, think, pondering that while it might be, I am here now, in this place my destination has it been met, or am I still traveling?”-Angela K. Crandall, Author

Into me, into you…

Let me sleep inside illusions

relax in your arms

step into your body

leave here

to escape through you

I cannot live in this place

take me to the illusion

my playground

Don’t tell me not to go

or that I am self-centered

meet me there

where pain does not exist

spaces in-between the ache

You fill me up

replacing it with tenderness

they call lust

say goodbye certainty

possibilities of plenty

fly free from restraints committed

I need this cabin, trees, woods,

a lake outside my window.

It’s here if you are

where you are

I lay my head on your shoulder

closing the door once open

shutting it down

saying goodbye.

             Angela K. Crandall, Author..

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Paper Cuts

“I never dreamed you would hurt me, nor that I would hurt you, but we didA pain like a paper cut that wouldn’t quit stinging. I kept trying to cover it up, and you kept pulling off the band-aid while I yelled for you to stop. Pulling and re-applying until the spot was red. Inside I bleed. It filled me up turning ready to erupt. I kept pushing it back in no  longer could I give in  sputtering as it spilled over, out of my mouth. I literally slapped you and was slapped back, neither was ever forgiven. What do you do when judgment is brought from both sides? When neither will admit to each his own? I stepped aside for you, A place you would never see inside of me. Instead you continued to make me stuff it, while you brought it,  cramed it, jamed it, what I hid. Give it up, forget, remember salvation. For now you have to be the black sheep. “No I don’t I said. I don’t have to be anyone. Then I turned to walk away never looking back.”-Angela K. Crandall Author (On Friendship, and Love.)