Name this Poem

  • “My heart falls
    Weeping, beating,
    Keeping me alive
    Even when my greatest fears are met it pounds urging me to go on
    When all sought is lost
    Lingering in my mind a world
    Waiting to be written
    As I see
    Creating into existence
    Each piece of me
    Separate, yet whole
    Anticipating my escape
    of an old role
    Allowing me acceptance
    In a world, I imagined
    Now available on paper
    For the world to share
    You and I
    Angela K. Crandall

What do you do?

Do you have a writers group you attend? How do you go about telling your story? Do you like details, deep descriptions or do you prefer dialog? I have had to add in descriptions a lot of times because I become so focused on what is going on in the story. My first short story had great detail and less dialog. Each reader has a different preference some like a mix. As an author, I am trying to find my  place between them. I am always looking for ways to grow. Right now I am reading “Mockingjay” by  Suzanne Collins, and will start “For whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway. Reading books by various authors gives us an idea of the different writing styles used that we can adhere to. I”m not saying to use an exact style as these authors, but that it gives you a reference to how you want to develop your own. It is a starting point.  Of course, the most important thing is to get your story written.  If you do belong to a group of writers it is helpful to review each others work with constructive criticism keeping an open mind that his or her work is very dear to them. Remember that these people are trying to help you improve your writing not trying to demean it. I suggest joining a group such as the one I attend. We read a lot of indie Author books, complete reviews, and learn about mistakes we’ve  made and how to avoid them.

Happy Writing!

Angela K. Crandall

Battle for the Internet!

Today I tried to press a website in order to get your help in fighting to keep the internet fast, and reliable. However, no matter how many times I tried to press it from the site it did not work. I have a feeling that there are people behind this that do not want it shared. Please if you enjoy having a useful internet where companies are not the only ones that benefit from fast speeds, I urge you to visit this site!


As an Artist

My new biggest challenge isn’t just writing a story, fixing my tense problems, and putting it out there. It is trying to promote myself. I have lots of authors that do blog tours. I am not yet familiar with them. As this blog is about learning and growing it is something I must do to move forward. Currently, I am about halfway through my first Novella. The first story I wrote was a short Twilight zone type tale called The Dream Inside the Darkness.” I also completed a poetry book “Poetic Puzzle Pieces” (Social Suicide.) I always look at things as what are you going to do next not what have you done. Usually after I publish a book on Amazon if it doesn’t go well I just move on to the next. I didn’t really give promoting my books much thought until now. I’ve seen a lot of Authors  move forward using blog tours, kindle boards, and twitter. I myself have used Twitter to promote. I’ve seen bits of success with it, but not a ton. If anyone on WordPress is willing I would love some advice on how to promote. I need to also do research as I have recently done on creating book covers. That was very successful.

              Have a great day! And Write ON! 

                                                          Angela K. Crandall

Open the door…

“Everyday people get quieter. I get louder my spirit hopeful in a mist of chaos that one day they’ll hear not only my words, but see my actions open to various horizons. A moment will arrive in which they see the sky in my window as I have tried to see theirs. No longer will they trot away from mine instead step back at least to glance and say I can see a compromise. Free will, hope, acceptance ought to be for all people, all kinds, all differences, .an open society of peace. I wait for that day and as I do I try to change what they think we cannot.”-Angela K. Crandall