“Inside each of us is a piece of hope that we can give to someone else if they are having a tough day. Remember you also have had difficult days where you needed a hug, a reminder that you are special. Please tomorrow take a moment or even tonight to reach someone with HOPE.”-Angela K. Crandall, Author

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My Hope

“Hope is the answer when everything is dead

When one and all has come and gone

The song is all played out

Hope stays

She sits

She waits for you to begin again

Patient as a dog

Waiting for his companion

An ocean filled with wonder

Hope is a heart still beating

Even when the soul feels numb

It is what is still within us

When everything is wrong

Without it I would be gone.

I listen, observe, waiting in silence

To the calm

Take me away to be gone

In someone else’s song

A melody so pleasing

I’d like to steal it away

Or follow it one day

Never to return

But to keep


Inside of me”


    Angela K. Crandall



“My heart bleeds

It’s everyday dripping 

Depletes me of feeling

sinking deeper into depths driven

It hollows out my soul

Each time I step in and think it’s safe

I want to pull myself out-to where I once was

Escape this prison made 

Toiling each day

in a box they say I created or did man?

This system

They say their is a way out


ways have consequences

some in which there is no light

for if one leaves you may not get back

what you had



I’ve seen loss for leaving what once was achieving

now dead in the hands of those fed

I’ve also seen them win, sometimes they begin again

so the fear it feeds and

you wonder if you should weed

or stay

Trapped in a Society

 A world that awards

Those who step on others

Not always those who lift them up

sometimes they do not have an ounce of luck


To grasp in my hands what I love

instead of eating what I must

An order to survive

I’m eating  humble pie


Getting sicker an sicker

Then I spew it out

Face my wrath at what I’ve done

Dare to display emotion or self worth

for they wish us all to be zombies

The Apocalypse has begun.”


                                   Angela K. Crandall










Tense trouble

To my Readers:

This is my current dilemma as a writer, author. I start a story, and everything is going great, but I cannot seem to keep to one tense. I wonder if I am the only author who struggles with this. I have started doing research taking down information from sites as how to try and stay in a tense throughout my novel. I have yet to put it to use as I have 21,853 words already currently written. I’ve been told everything else is well developed with the exception of a few detailed additions such as description. I know people usually use blogs to give advice. This time I am asking for  yours. What do you do when, and if you struggle with remaining in one tense during writing? Do you have  any simply ways to remind, or remember what  you are doing, or am I just an egg head. I mean really. I am not sure why, but currently I feel I am probably the only person at battle with this.  You’d think it would be fairly easy to manage being in the present or the past.


 Angela K. Crandall

What Inspires me to write

“Individual perspectives vary on issues, morals, and rules. If one has the ability to see more than one, than their writing can be very universal. There are writers who see thing from only one dimension while others see it clearly from all sides of the mountain, or are even able to look at things through many different world views. Those are the authors that have stuck with me encouraging me to write in depth and pour out my inner most feelings.”-Angela K Crandall