Twisted Tragic Love

Love isn’t one-dimensional. There is depth woven into romance, and friendships, connections that rip us apart and sew us together.

Evocative, bittersweet poetry. From tragedy to triumph, this collection explores the complexities of the human experience. It’s up to the reader to analyze the content, interpret the message, and determine for themselves the significance.

Here is what one reader had to say:

“Twisted Tragic Love” floored me. It honors different kinds of love and pain with vivid imagery and eloquent words. Heartbreaking and tragic, all with a dash of hope. A must-read for poetry lovers.

-Anne Langworthy

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Traverse City, Michigan March 2022

Twisted Tragic Love

Visit me at Horizon Books in Traverse City on April 16 from noon to 2 p.m. for a signed copy of Twisted Tragic Love!
The Cadillac location will also have me signing books on April 23 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.

Where am I?

I’m working on a new novel and have been reluctant to post a blog. My WIP has several titles presently, and I’ve yet to claim one of them. When I started this journey, my goal was to write a 60,000-word book with a novel to follow. Thus, 50,000 words later, I realize this will be another 83,000-word venture. The best-laid plans don’t always hold. My characters tend to misbehave at times, nor behave at all, for that matter. I’m not the kind of writer who sits down to spin out an easy novel in a few hours, days, or months. To achieve quality, one must be in a particular place. And it tends to veer off after I’ve written a few thousand words on my days off. I strive for it to be engaging, so that is consistently my dilemma as an author, to give you a well-written book, and one I’m proud to call my own.

Unexpected Entanglements

Love can be found in unforeseen places, in unconventional ways.

Veiled within her happy marriage, Vela has suppressed emotions waiting to emerge. It’s only a matter of time before the illusion created shatters. Can she have the best of both worlds? Or will she have to choose? Hearts twist in unexpected ways, secrets are revealed, and the past materializes into the present.

Tilly grabbed our drinks and led me to a table near a tiny stage. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there were three of them all together.
“These stages are for?” I asked.
“Oh, dancers, these clubs have strippers.” Tilly raised her eyebrows and then took a sip of her Long Island Ice tea.
My heart began to thump as if I was anticipating something, that at any moment some cute blonde bombshell would waltz up on stage nude.
“So, you left Brant at home tonight?”
“He’s working the late shift. I get lonely and tired of being home alone all the time,” I answered.
Tilly gave me a sympathetic smile.
“I’ll show you a good time tonight, introduce you to a few of my friends. I’ve seen your reading list,” she scolded.
Pg. 7 Unexpected Entanglements ©2020

Here is what one reader had to say:

This book is simply put, AMAZING and very well written. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It is a book that is outside of my normal genre preference, but as the book is written by someone I knew, I had to give it a go and also an honest review. I had a small idea what the book would include, so if you’re looking for a good story line and steamy moments, this book is for you! Vela, Keva and Tilly are the perfect balance of feminine friends just trying to get through life and all the complications it brings their way. I will not allude to the rest of the book, but there’s a bit of a whodunit that runs throughout as well. Please, don’t let the title or the genre deter from enjoying this great story!! Ms. Crandall does a great job with writing and has a fantastic way with words and painting the realistic pictures of the landscapes and characters in the story! ~Pamela Love

Angela K. Crandall is an independent writer best known for her young adult novels. Unexpected Entanglements is her first adult narrative in the mystery/romance genre. As an author, her goal is to bring to light; each individual in this world has a right to their existence, love, goals, and dreams.

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Traverse City, Michigan December 2020

Author’s Note


To my readers,

  There are days it feels like everyone believes that being a writer is easy. You sit down and pour your heart out in front of a computer, and there’s your story. I wish it worked that way, so simple, easy, carefree. Writing is a massive process of creating a draft, editing that draft, and reshaping your story if needed. Then there is coming up with a unique cover to sell your book, along with a blurb. You are the marketer, editor, and promoter. It’s essentially a struggle to get the book in the reader’s hands through engagement. And even then, reaching your audience through social media including hours of work, which doesn’t include creating your novel.
Well, I’d like to announce that I’ve decided to make my book Kenya available on Kindle Unlimited. Why? I was hoping you could read it. I want to reach young adults across the U.S. that need to know they are accepted. That’s number one, what’s two? Please please review this book. A review, to me, is almost better than a cash payment. It’s what drives sales, and authors such as myself struggle. Now I did not go about this lightly as I have intended to support local bookstores such as Horizon Books in Cadillac, Michigan, and Traverse City. However, I am just not getting the exposure I need. So I had to do something. Please understand I don’t take bookstores lightly. They are crucial to me.


Angela K. Crandall, Author



My last day to just be me, and edit, life sometimes seems like it’s only about giving it away. A piece at a time for the currency we spend on things we have no time to use. I know, lots of art supplies, movies, and books, and dreams. Stuff I try not to brush aside, but time is always passing, fleeting, moving through my fingertips like tears of sorrow devouring it when I feel empty enough to waste it. And I let those have the power to make me feel nothing, to think I deserve it. And I am ridiculed for the truth, for my perceptions, for thoughts, ideas, and collections I hold close, dear, and all the while the world turns, and I am left with only my recollections of who I am.


Unanswered explanations


          Who made me a dreamer? Is it my biological make-up? Did my ancestors pour a need into my heart that no one else can process? Where do these tears come from igniting so much pain, but cannot be explained, or my need to express who I am when everyone turns away? How do I need to keep telling stories even when BESTSELLER is not at the end of my name? Why and who put this in me? Is that MAGIC to hold a need so deep you’ll share even when only a few gather, or yearn to intake a piece of me I’ve created?
©8/11/2020Angela K. Crandall



In my last post, I climbed stairs, running from monsters, swimming against the tide, trying to pull me in. And now I am a kite floating in the air, enjoying the breeze, making plans, feeling the love of words beneath my fingertips as they fly. And perspectives change with each day, desires, dreams for hire, like the years that seem to fly. And I grasp them in my hands tightly, making plans, working, writing, fighting to right wrong, and wondering if my ripples will heal the hurt like the music exploding from my phone. Everyday soothing me when the world is harsh, but art is a start.



Thoughts amid writing projects

Life is just one prominent contemplation of our actions, analyzing the ifs and whys of our choices, being geek-ed about them, or being driven into a deep depression of madness. The other morning I had a dream I was climbing upstairs, and in it, I never made it to the top, I just kept climbing until I woke up. That is how I’ve been feeling, like the great climb in life is never achieved until we rest because the best always continue to strive to become better. And even then sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. For me, breaks are like giving up, not forever, but as time ticks by, opportunities disappear and the time to complete things in.
Yeah, I’m depressing today.
AKC ©8/3/20





A story of self Discovery

Kenya lives in a foster care home where she doesn’t fit in. When she befriends a girl named Stella, her tiny community begins to change, causing Kenya to question herself, and who she wants to be.


I jolted out of my seat, lunging at Emily prepared to take a swing when Tye grabbed me from behind. Spooked, my shoulders shook uncertain of what he would do to me. Stella seized my arm, pulling me out of his grasp.

“Get the Hell out of here!” I shouted my heart now in my throat.

“We have every right to be here! More than that thing sitting beside you,” Tye hollered.

“She is not a thing! Stella is a person with feelings, emotions, and needs like everyone else,” I shot back.

Pg. 61 Kenya ©2020


“Kenya is a beautiful story about a girl who struggles to be herself, when others want to put her down. Her story is heartwarming and you find yourself cheering for her by the end of it. This novel is well paced and treats the LGBTQ community with the respect it deserves. I very much enjoyed reading it.”-Annie Langworthy

Angela K. Crandall is a focused independent writer having published five books in the last five years. She is best known for her urban fantasy series Myth and the short story The Dream inside the Darkness. Angela’s goal is to teach the world to love a little more and replace hate with hope.

Angela K. Crandall
Traverse City, Michigan June 2020