A story of self Discovery

Kenya lives in a foster care home where she doesn’t fit in. When she befriends a girl named Stella, her tiny community begins to change, causing Kenya to question herself, and who she wants to be.


I jolted out of my seat, lunging at Emily prepared to take a swing when Tye grabbed me from behind. Spooked, my shoulders shook uncertain of what he would do to me. Stella seized my arm, pulling me out of his grasp.

“Get the Hell out of here!” I shouted my heart now in my throat.

“We have every right to be here! More than that thing sitting beside you,” Tye hollered.

“She is not a thing! Stella is a person with feelings, emotions, and needs like everyone else,” I shot back.

Pg. 61 Kenya ©2020


“Kenya is a beautiful story about a girl who struggles to be herself, when others want to put her down. Her story is heartwarming and you find yourself cheering for her by the end of it. This novel is well paced and treats the LGBTQ community with the respect it deserves. I very much enjoyed reading it.”-Annie Langworthy

Angela K. Crandall is a focused independent writer having published five books in the last five years. She is best known for her urban fantasy series Myth and the short story The Dream inside the Darkness. Angela’s goal is to teach the world to love a little more and replace hate with hope.

Angela K. Crandall
Traverse City, Michigan June 2020


Life Drives…

How do you keep going as you fail?

You keep digging as the earth slides back upon you.

Typing your pain onto the keyboard,

Slowly igniting a fire, leaving ash buried.

But she walked the river path searching for her dreams.

Even as her mind devoured her,

Knowing her goal would always eat away at her heart.

Unless she pursued it.

Angela K. Crandall©5/15/2020


Hold on

Life will lead you off a cliff
Grab onto that ledge
You may trip into a hole
Still hold up your head
Laugh while tripping, take my hand
Swallow your tears, my dear friend
And when you need a helping hand
I’ll gladly lift you up again.
Angela K. Crandall ©4/29/2020



Our World


Can you hear hope dying? As madness wins, the wind turns cold. It brings ice and snow even as the sun is shining. You feel it crawling in your soul, running in the blood in your veins, as your adrenalin rises. You can’t see clearly in front of you all is fog. It’s the machine turning, the clock you keep winding, and they ask you to relax, turn on the television sit back. Wait for your demise to settle in, accept your fate. And as you type, you fight. You create screaming to be heard as millions do the same. And how do you compete in this kind of game?

Angela K. Crandall ©3/5/2020



waterfall-4751586_1920And she stood against the magnificent scenery

An era that had already existed

Erupting, swirling, renewing

everything within its grasp

Holding her umbrella

Protecting herself from the world

Or so she thought

Until the splashes of water kissed her cheeks

That glistened in the sunshine while she backed away

From the beauty, she’d discovered

While walking in the woods

 Angela K. Crandall ©2/1/2020


crowdsStrangers stretch truths to pull you in which, makes them plausible to old chewing gum. Few do create connections through meanderings, slight handshakes, or hugs. Those who genuinely fit beneath my wings, seeking refuge, follow slightly.

Angela K. Crandall ©11/2/2019


The past will be revealed…

Darkness from the past lingers inside of Jessie. As he prepares to graduate and move forward with a degree in Paranormal Psychology, his haunting past rears its ugly head and weaves him through the web of time. He hadn’t meant to go back to the cabin. He’d never intended to discover what had happened there. Now it festered within him, driving him to dig deeper, knowing he couldn’t listen to anything but his own heart.
Left behind is a girl in search of redemption. Juniper cannot escape the attic room or her uncle’s constant torture. She made a choice when she’d asked to befriend Lucy. She had been her only hope at the time. Now Juniper can’t stop fighting to find a way to reach Jessie! Without him, she’d remain trapped forever.